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Typical Downers Grove Pest Control Problems

As one of the many suburbs of Chicago and only a car ride away from Lake Michigan, Downers Grove enjoys steady humidity throughout the year. Natural areas like the Morton Arboretum and the Hidden Lake Forest Preserve could make easy places for pests to proliferate throughout the area. Citizens who live in the northeastern extreme of Downers may expect an increase in pest activity during certain times of the year.  Downers Grove’s humidity, combined with its dense population, ranges of trees between neighborhoods, and the various lakes and ponds throughout the area, make it a hotspot for pests like rodents and wasps.

Rodents thrive in areas near water, because the water provides them with a life source. When colder weather hits, rodents like mice and rats find their way inside residents’ homes via small openings. A tiny mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime, and a rat can fit through one the size of a quarter. It’s easy to miss repairs before it’s too late. Once inside, mice and rats chew up insulation, eat food, and leave droppings all around. At this point, it’s best to contact the professionals for help.

Wasps are also prevalent in Downers Grove. However, these irritating flying insects show up in warmer weather. As summer approaches, wasps start to build nests in all sorts of places – that includes on homes. Unlike many bees, wasps can sting and bite multiple times. They are also incredibly territorial and aggressive. Unfortunately, dealing with wasps is no walk in the park. If you suspect that wasps are nesting on your property, call Fox Pest Control for professional extermination services right away. 

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Downers Grove Pest Control Reviews

5 Stars

They did a great job very nice people very friendly. Did a great job

– Todd Niewold

Posted September 02, 2020

5 Stars

Great service by Stephanie today! She explained what she was doing and why she was doing it. She was very professional and asked me exactly what my main concerns were. Very happy with using Fox pest control so far!

– Lisha Patel

Posted August 12, 2020

5 Stars

The professionals at Fox Pest control are supremely easy to work with, and their service has virtually eliminated the pest issues we had with our house. Can't recommend them enough!

– Andy Jonathan

Posted August 01, 2020

5 Stars

I was about to lose my mind with all the stink bugs in the house but Eric Peterson took those little buggers out earlier this week! I haven't seen a single one since he treated my home. I would recommend Fox to anyone looking for quality service! 5 stars!

– Mike Eisenhour

Posted June 27, 2020

5 Stars

We have had Fox Pest Control for several months and our home has recently been serviced by Emilio. It is nice to have the same technician each time that knows our home and our issues. Today he and Troy serviced our home. They were both informative and went above and beyond to make sure we are protected. Thanks so much!

– Tess Luther

Posted January 03, 2020

5 Stars

Keith was at our house today to do our quarterly service. He showed up right when they said he would be here. He was so friendly, took great care to look into what was concerning me and even brought our dog a little treat! Great service! Highly Recommend.

– Betsy Hennrich

Posted December 05, 2019

Our Connection to Downers Grove

Tiara, a team member at Fox Pest Control, loves eating at Red Lobster in Downers Grove. Her mother used to be the general manager of the store, so she had every reason to dine there. It wasn’t hard to find an excuse to eat their delicious food! The Ultimate Feast, Endless Shrimp dinners, and famous biscuits are only a few of Red Lobster’s specialties. After a hard day fighting pests, Tiara is still known to stop off for a comforting meal at the Downers Grove Red Lobster.

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