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5 Problematic Spiders in Chicagoland Winters

No one is eager for a spider infestation, and their spider bites, even if they're out of sight in crawl spaces or basements. Are you prepared for the upcoming winter infestation? All spiders are looking for shelter in colder weather, and your household in the Chicago area is the perfect nesting location for them, so learn who the biggest culprits are and how to prepare for them.

5 Spider Categories

None of the spider species in the Chicago area listed below are considered dangerous. However, rare allergies may result in serious reactions. If you or a loved one are bitten and experience a reaction, seek medical attention and carry the dead spider with you for identification.

  1. Cobweb Spiders

    • Included in these types are the common house spider and the false widow, and they all weave messy, complicated webs where they suspend themselves upside down until insects trap themselves. Black widow spiders also are cobweb spinners, though they are rarely discovered in the Chicago area. Find these in basements, attics, or any place they can weave their web underneath a ledge, shelf or other overhangs.

  2. Funnel-web Spiders

    • These spiders create sheet webs with a funnel in one corner to await prey and are commonly found in grassy areas, although some, like the Tegenaria domestica, or barn funnel weaver, often form webs inside buildings.

  3. Wandering Spiders

    • Wandering spiders are so named because they don't catch prey in webs but chase them along the ground. The above types are wolf spiders, named for their hairy legs, their penchant for hunting, and the fact that they are the only spiders to carry egg sacs on their spinnerets, and later transport their spiderlings on their backs, which is reminiscent of the way wolves care for their young. This species is often mistaken for tarantulas.

  4. Nursery Web Spiders

    • These wandering spiders spin large webs for their eggs and are some of the biggest spiders in the United States. These are similar to wolf spiders, but females tote her eggs in her jaws and construct a nursery made of leaves and silk for protection.

  5. Jumping Spiders

    • These minuscule creatures have some of the best eyesight in the animal kingdom and likely are the most intelligent in the insect, bug, or arachnid varieties. They can leap twenty times their body length after prey and can make decisions on which prey to pounce on and what angle gives the best chance for a successful jump. Some consider these spiders to be cute due to eye and body size. Some types of these spiders have evolved to look like ants in order to avoid predators, like the Synemosyna formica.

Truly Dangerous Spiders

These spiders not only deliver a painful bite but also have poison that can really ruin your day. The brown recluse isn't found in Chicago, but they will most likely find their way as temperatures rise. The black widow with its hourglass-shaped mark is rare to find in the Chicago area, but its venom is 15 times more poisonous than rattlesnake venom and attacks the nervous system. Don't worry, though; the black widow venom doesn't cause long-term effects in most bite victims.

There are over ten kinds of yellow sac spiders in the United States, and their necrotic bite is irritating and causes ulcer sores that take long periods to heal. Often, a bite from a yellow sac spider is mistaken for a brown recluse bite, but both brown recluse spiders and black widows prefer warmer areas than Chicagoland.

Other worldwide, popular, and more dangerous spiders include the Brazilian wandering spider or the banana spider, also a species of wandering spider, the Sydney funnel-web spider, or Atrax robustus, which is considered the deadliest spider on earth, and the redback spider, which is the Australian cousin to the black widow. None of these species is found outside Central/South America or Australia, respectively, so don't worry about them unless you plan to travel there soon.

Household Spider Control

Here are some tips to keep your home safe from spiders and other pests, like rodents. Follow these to keep spiders trapped outside of your home and prevent them from coming in to look for their next meal.

  • Clean the House and Yard
  • Clean every day to keep spiders from finding places to hide, especially in cupboards, cabinets, and basements. Clear debris and clutter out of the yard and trim grass at least two feet from the home and keep shrubs cut one foot from the siding.

  • Watch Entry Points
  • Use silicone caulking to seal cracks and crevices around doors, windows, the foundation and sill plates, and gaps around water or gas piping. Install weather stripping and door sweeps.

  • Spider Killers
  • Use vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle and apply it to any place spiders might come. Spiders are proven to hate the smell of essential peppermint oil, so consider purchasing an essential oil humidifier to keep them from the kitchen and to keep the house smelling nice.

    Professional Spider Management

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    Posted on December 13, 2019.

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