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Fox Pest Control is the trusted name in Schaumburg Area for residential and commercial pest control. When you call Fox Pest Control you're calling a locally owned and operated business in Schaumburg Area. Our goal isn't to just eradicate your pests for good, it's to ensure you have a great experience working with a pest control company. We value our reputation and work hard to earn your trust. We have over 6 years' experience and have helped over 20,000 Schaumburg Area homes and businesses exterminate and control their pest problems.

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There are many species of ant, but in total ants are the #1 pest problem not just in Schaumburg Area but in the country. Treating them can be difficult. Most do-it-yourself remedies simply kill the ants you see, not addressing the root of the problem: the nest.

Ants can cause a variety of problems in Schaumburg Area, depending on the kind that is bothering you. Some will chew and burrow through your home like carpenter ants, weakening your foundation like termites. Others can spread disease as they invade your kitchen and cabinets.

Our treatment plan will control your ant problem.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a re-surging problem in the United States, including in Schaumburg Area. Once thought to be all but eradicated, bed bugs are back with a vengeance. Despite popular belief, it doesn't take a dirty or unkempt home to come down with these nasty bloodsuckers. Bed bugs will hitch a ride home with you from a hotel, movie theater, or even a restaurant.

If untreated, a few bed bugs can quickly turn into a full-scale infestation, overcoming every room in your house.

Common signs of bed bugs are brown or black specks (bed bug excrement), dried blood from accidentally being squashed, and a subtle, sweet musty odor. You may also have bites on your body that resemble pimples, mosquito bites, or welts, though not everyone will exhibit signs of bed bug bites.

If you even think you may have bed bugs call today to get a phone quote in Schaumburg Area. Or schedule an inspection for a nominal fee. Put your mind at ease!


Termites will literally eat you out of your home if left untreated. They can turn once solid wood into Swiss cheese. The tricky thing about termites is it can take a long period of time before they are noticed, at which point the substantial damage has already been done.

Think you have termites in Schaumburg Area? Call and we will conduct a free inspection to identify if you have a termite problem or not. And if you do, we will work with you to customize our treatment plan to control and eliminate the termites invading your home.


Cockroaches are more than unsightly, they are unsanitary and spread disease. Unfortunately, cockroaches are not an uncommon pest in Schaumburg Area. And there is never just a single cockroach - there are always many more lurking behind walls and in cracks and crevices.

The best offense against cockroaches is a good defense with a preventative pest plan. But if you already have a cockroach problem don’t panic, we’re just a phone call away. Call for a free inspection and no obligation estimate - we can help!

Mice & Rats

Mice & rats are a common problem in Schaumburg Area and can be a real nuisance once you've got them. These rodents chew or burrow their way into homes, apartments, and businesses seeking food and shelter. Often a rodent problem develops when a neighbor has a problem and either treats it, driving the rodents into adjacent buildings, or lets it linger so long the rodents expand their hunting grounds seeking more food.

Before we do anything we conduct a free inspection to identify the points of entry of the rodents. We then consult with you to determine what your preferred method of treatment is. We can deploy a variety of methods for capturing or controlling your rodent problem such as traps, bait, or tracking powder.

Other Pests

We treat a wide variety of pests in Schaumburg Area in addition to the ones featured here. Though these are the most common problem pests in Schaumburg Area, we also treat for Beetles, Centipedes, Crickets, Earwigs, Fleas, Millipedes, Silverfish, Spiders, Stink Bugs, Ticks and more.

If you have a pest problem call us for a free, zero obligation inspection and estimate.

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When your doorbell rings, you can be confident that the person Fox Pest Control has sent to your home to take care of your control and extermination is a true professional. We carefully screen, background check, and conduct lengthy interviews with prospective employees. Fox Pest Control technicians also undergo extensive training, both in the classroom and on the job with a mentor, before they are allowed to work on their own. You can rest easy knowing that your problem is in good hands with Fox Pest Control.


With Fox Pest Control you'll know who is coming.

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What our customers say

We had a wonderful experience with our technician. Weston was easy to talk to and explained everything well. Josh, who sold us the service, was very kind also. Not pushy at all. And very informative. Thank you. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Daniel W.
August 20th, 2016

My experience with Fox Pest Control has been the best experience I had with a pest control company. Technician, Harry, did a good job of going over the process thoroughly, ensure that I understood everything going on. I would recommend them to anyone looking for good, quality, fast, friendly, and affordable pest control services.

Kayla T.
July 8th, 2016

Fox Pest Control is beyond amazing, they are always there when you need them and their employees are super helpful! If we need them they come right away. They are very informative as well, they will explain everything that they are doing and why. If you need an affordable pest control service Fox is the way to go!

Alexis M.
June 27th, 2016

Our Google Reviews

Dana Bartolotta
Dana Bartolotta
20:39 09 May 17
I was very impressed with my experience with Fox Pest control. Their salesman was very knowledgeable and helpful. The technician that did the actual spraying of my house was also very professional and respectful of our home. I was told the spray they use would be safe for my children and pets. That is always a priority. The best part is the ants are gone. And the wasps nests were removed. Which will protect my family and pets. I feel relieved knowing that Fox pest Control will be back quarterly to ensure the pests do not more
Michael Kurzer
Michael Kurzer
23:18 22 Apr 17
Super fast service. Tom was very friendly and knowledgeable and took care of my problem promptly. Will continue to use their more
Jaclyn Carzoli
Jaclyn Carzoli
01:55 07 Mar 17
Have a mice problem. Called fox pest control and got me in same day. Competitors couldn't see me til Friday. When u have a pest problem u hope u get that same day. First thing I liked about them. Second, Tom the tech was awesome! Very thorough and knowledgeable! Felt very confident in his skills! Thank u Tom! Hope my pesky unwanted fur balls go away!!! Third , company stands behind their mottos! " u need us to comeback for any reason in between treatments we come back! No questions ask and no charge!" Love it! Highly recommend this company!!read more
Matthew Wilen
Matthew Wilen
22:46 23 Feb 17
Landon came out today to refill mouse traps and spray the exterior of my house for bugs. He was great! Nice to my 5 year old that would not stop asking questions and wanting to show spiders. He was informative about the mouse traps as well, reminding me of how the bait worked/how much a mouse would need. Landon put a larger bait station on the side of the house as well to hopefully get more mice! Highly recommend!read more
Phylis McNally
Phylis McNally
17:14 23 Feb 17
Fox pest came to my door last summer, 2016, we had a definite issue with carpenter bees wasp spiders and carpenter ants. I didn't realize how bad it was until they started spraying. After the first treatment we were almost pest free. A step behind the promise if you see pests after they spray they will come back for you charge and do it in a timely manner. We also had a bumblebee nest Under Our Deck that needed to be sprayed as we could not use our deck. We have had no spiders in our house over the winter and everything outside appears to be gone. I give this company five stars and will continue to use them to keep all the unwanted pests away as our area is known for carpenter bees carpenter ants exc. The techs are very friendly and take the time to explain everything and what to expect once they spray. Landon came today and was very personable and got the job done quickly and answered any questions I had. Again I highly recommend this company for maintenance on the home to keep The Unwanted pests more
15:08 18 Feb 17
Tom did a fantastic job. He was very informative and very prompt with arriving in a timely fashion. Actually he was always earlier than the time he said. It was great. The service was fantastic. They truly care of the well being of their customers and making sure their products are effective. We were always well informed every step of the way. Tom again was by the far the best. Very helpful, very friendly and again very prompt. I would recommend this company to anyone having critter problems. read more
michelo gamer1127
michelo gamer1127
21:01 15 Feb 17
I have a condo that was left infested with roaches from previous tenants. Tom came out and did an amazing job getting rid of those suckers. He knows his stuff and makes sure you are informed with the steps needed to fix the problem. I hope I won't need to use a pest company in the future but if I do, I will definitely be using Fox! Thanks Tom!!read more

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Fox Pest Control our guarantee to you is 100% satisfaction. That's why we created our robust home protection plan. The barriers that we put into place to protect your home or business against pests naturally break down over time. Over the course of the year, we reapply treatments to maintain those barriers. If for whatever reason any new pest problems do arise, call us and we will take care of the problem immediately and at no additional charge. Immediately means just that, immediately – not when it’s convenient for us.

Your home is your largest investment. Let Fox Pest Control protect it against pests in Schaumburg Area!

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Fox Pest Control has proudly been providing expert pest control and bed bug control in Schaumburg Area for over 6 years. During this time we've helped over 20,000 homeowners manage and exterminate their pest problems.

Fox Pest Control is a Schaumburg Area locally owned and operated company; we take pride in servicing the community that we live in. We value your time, so when you call we'll schedule an inspection or service time that is convenient for you.

Our technicians are thoroughly screened during our interview process. We only hire professionals we would want to service our own homes. We background check and drug test all employees and make new hires go through extensive training both in the classroom and on the job before they can service a home or business alone. We also believe in and practice continuing education, ensuring our technicians are always providing the best service possible. You can rest easy knowing that when your door bell rings Fox Pest Control has sent a true professional to resolve your Schaumburg Area pest issue.

Fox Pest Control provides a zero obligation free inspection and estimate in Schaumburg Area. Our technicians will take the time and care to thoroughly explain the treatment options best suited for your particular problem. Our professional service is convenient as well as effective.

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